While most directors likely never dreamt of having their first film under their belt by the age of 25, Québec’s Xavier Dolan will have five of them by the time he hits a quarter-century next spring. This year saw the U.S. release of his drama Laurence Anyways, then the filmmaker stopped by the fall festival circuit for his thriller Tom at the Farm (see the recent trailer here) and now he just kicked off production on his fifth feature.

Titled Mommy, it’ll find him returning to the roots of his debut work, I Killed My Mother. Set to star previous collaborators Anne DorvalSuzanne Clément and Antoine-Olivier Pilon, the brief plot hints at a darker story of mother-son relationship, featuring a custody battle and a child with a difficult past. With a shoot already underway, we expect this one could be ready by the time Cannes rolls around, so check back as we get more details. [Hollywood PQ/FilmdeCulte]

Are you looking forward to Dolan’s next effort?

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