There has, of course, been significant investment in High Life, the Claire Denis-Robert Pattinson sci-fi movie that’s expected to finally make landfall this year. (We named it our most-anticipated of 2018, for God’s sake.) Thrilled though I am to see one of our very greatest filmmakers get her biggest-ever spotlight, I hope it doesn’t have some effect of obscuring another forthcoming picture — and one whose quality I can actually attest for, if that helps. (Please.)

Following its run at Cannes and NYFF, Denis’ Juliette Binoche-starrer, Let the Sunshine In, will come to theaters and VOD on April 27. Thus brings a domestic trailer that, like most, I’d recommend skipping — here in particular because this is a picture whose pleasures and oddities unfold delicately, which would account for my allergic reaction to this preview’s emotional strong-arming that ignores proper representation to pull in a bigger crowd. Instead, maybe read our positive review, which not-inaccurately posits it “could be argued as a reset for Denis, an amuse-bouche between two meatier courses,” and deftly communicates its strengths as “a film littered with off-piste humor and featuring a memorable, warm-hearted ending that argues being open to serendipitous new experiences beats comforting certainties in life.”

Watch the preview below:

An incandescent Juliette Binoche stars in this wry new film from the legendary Claire Denis. Isabelle is a Parisian artist looking for a meaningful romance as the film saunters elliptically through her encounters with an aggressive married man (Xavier Beauvois), a highly sensitive thespian (Nicolas Duvauchelle), a charming hairdresser (Paul Blain), a gentleman with commitment issues (Alex Descas) and finally, a mysterious fortune teller. Loosely inspired by Roland Barthes’ “A Lover’s Discourse,” LET THE SUNSHINE IN showcases iconic French cinematic talents at the height of their powers.


Let the Sunshine In opens in theaters and VOD on April 27.

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