Remember a month ago when the general public had no idea what Inception was? Here we are three weekends later and Christopher Nolan‘s latest is just about to pull in an insane $200 million. It topped the box office again with $27.52 million, just shy of making it in the Top 20 3rd weekends.

Jay Roach‘s latest comedy, Dinner For Schmucks, did better than expected, pulling in $23.3m, while Salt dropped 46.5%, bringing its total to $70.8m.

Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore and Zac Efron-starrer Charlie St. Cloud disappointed, only making around $12m each for 5th and 6th place.

Despicable Me is having a crazy run, dropping a small 34% making it Universal’s first $200m+ hit in 3 years.

In limited release The Kids Are All Right continues its blazing run making $3.4m for $9.5m total, over double its $4m budget. Get Low had the best per-theater-average this weekend, raking in $90,900 in 4 theaters.

Check out the full Top 10 below.

1. Inception – $27,520,000; $193,348,000
2. Dinner for Schmucks – $23,300,000 (debut)
3. Salt -$19,250,000; $70,800,000
4. Despicable Me – $15,543,000; $190,349,000
5. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore – $12,525,000 (debut)
6. Charlie St. Cloud – $12,136,000 (debut)
7. Toy Story 3 – $5,035,000; $389,674,000
8. Grown Ups – $4,500,000; $150,713,000
9. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – $4,320,000; $51,881,000
10. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – $3,965,000; $288,200,000

and let’s remember (via blaburn):

What did you see this weekend? Will you be checking out The Other Guys or Step Up 3D next weekend?

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