God bless everyone who truly thought David Lynch announcing “something for you to see and hear” portended a fourth season of Twin Peaks or new feature. I long for anything even within the vicinity of such optimism, but longtime completists knew the safe money was on more music. Lo and behold: today brings the official unveiling of his next album Cellophane Memories, recorded with longtime collaborator Chrystabell (aka Chrysta Bell, Twin Peaks‘ Tammy), featuring contributions from the late Angelo Badalamenti, and arriving August 2 via Sacred Bones Records.

According to Spin, Cellophane Memories emerged from Lynch’s vision experienced “during a nighttime walk through a forest of tall trees, over the tops of which he saw a bright light” that became Chrystabell’s voice, and in turn “revealed a secret to him.”

Great news for those of us who can hum BlueBOB tracks. Those wanting something more cinematic will have a little bit to chew on: with this news comes a Lynch-directed video for the track “Sublime Eternal Love,” styled like a lost bit of INLAND EMPIRE and carried by Chrystabell’s voice. It’s a short addition to the corpus, but not a small one––this is late-late style, somewhat kin with Pedro Costa’s The Daughters of Fire.

Find the video, album art, and tracklist below:

1. She Knew
2. The Sky Falls
3. You Know The Rest
4. So Much Love
5. Two Lovers Kiss
6. The Answers to the Questions
7. With Small Animals
8. Reflections in a Blade
9. Dance of Light
10. Sublime Eternal Love

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