On this day in 1976 time was abruptly winding down for our characters in Dazed and Confused. This particular May 28th marked their final day at Lee High School in the world of Richard Linklater‘s pitch-perfect, charming coming of age story. To celebrate the occasion, along with news of of spiritual sequel looking to shoot this year, as well as the release of his stellar Before Midnight, we’ve rounded up a must-watch interview with the helmer.

Conducted right around the release of 1995’s Before Sunrise, the relaxed conversation dives primarily into his last two films, 1991’s Slacker and his aforementioned, acclaimed Dazed and Confused. A long-haired Linklater talks about how he didn’t go to film school, rather just devouring every movie he could see, as well as his place in filmmaking (jokingly saying they’d never want him to do Lethal Weapon 5, although he did have his Hollywood “invite”), and even touching on some of his idols like Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone. Check out the extended conversation below.

Is Dazed and Confused your favorite Linklater film? If not, what is?

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