March is for women in trouble. So Criterion decided when they slotted INLAND EMPIRE, which follows this year’s major repertory run with a dazzlingly stacked set, while Mildred Pierce gets a 4K upgrade from 2017’s release. The latter’s black-and-white images will surely dazzle at 3,160 pixels; though the former is only Blu-ray, we expect it’ll respect David Lynch’s intent and looks like complete fucking shit. Above all the inclusion of Lynch’s 75-minute deleted-scenes collection More Things That Happened and 2007 short Ballerina do plenty to contextualize this point in the director’s career, as do a pair making-of docs. But consider me especially intrigued by a new conversation between Laura Dern and Kyle Maclachlan.

John Woo makes his long-overdue entrance—and just as fortuitously continues Criterion’s recent spate of Hong Kong cinema—with his early feature Last Hurrah for Chivalry. I’ll also consider this opportunity to finally see Joan Micklin Silver’s Chilly Scenes of Winter, about which I have only heard the greatest things and I imagine will only cut closer to the bone in top fidelity.

See below for artwork and find more at Criterion’s website.

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