Cinematography retrospectives are the way to go—more than a thorough display of talent, it exposes the vast expanse a DP will travel, like an education in form and business all the same. Accordingly I’m happy to see the Criterion Channel give a 25-film tribute to James Wong Howe, whose career spanned silent cinema to the ’70s, populated with work by Howard Hawks, Michael Curtz, Samuel Fuller, Alexander Mackendrick, Sydney Pollack, John Frankenheimer, and Raoul Walsh.

Further retrospectives are granted to Romy Schneider (recent repertory sensation La piscine among them), Carlos Saura (finally a chance to see Peppermint frappe!), the British New Wave, and groundbreaking distributor Cinema 5, who brought to U.S. shores everything from The Man Who Fell to Earth and Putney Swope to Pumping Iron and Scenes from a Marriage.

September also yields streaming premieres for the recently restored Bronco Bullfrog, Ang Lee’s Pushing Hands, Searching for Mr. Rugoff, and Neptune Frost; also on docket this month are Criterion Editions for Ken Loach’s Kes and Visconti’s Death in Venice (complemented by The Most Beautiful Boy in the World landing on the service). And let’s not sleep on Sarah Maldoror’s Sambizanga, restored by Scorsese’s World Cinema Project and making its streaming debut.

See the full list of September titles below and more on the Criterion Channel.

Across 110th Street, Barry Shear, 1972

Air Force, Howard Hawks, 1943

Ana and the Wolves, Carlos Saura, 1973

Another Prayer, Sofia Bohdanowicz, 2013

Bell, Book and Candle, Richard Quine, 1958

Billy Liar, John Schlesinger, 1963

Boccaccio ’70, Mario Monicelli, Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini, and Luchino Visconti, 1962

Bronco Bullfrog, Barney Platts-Mills, 1969

Car Wash, Michael Schultz, 1976

César and Rosalie, Claude Sautet, 1972

Come Back, Little Sheba, Daniel Mann, 1952

Cousin Angelica, Carlos Saura, 1974

Darling, John Schlesinger, 1965

Death in Venice, Luchino Visconti, 1971

Discontinuity, Lori Felker, 2015

A Drownful Brilliance of Wings, Sofia Bohdanowicz, 2016

Elisa, vida mía, Carlos Saura, 1977

An Evening, Sofia Bohdanowicz, 2013

Elvira Madigan, Bo Widerberg, 1967

Funny Girl, William Wyler, 1968*

Funny Lady, Herbert Ross, 1975

The Garden of Delights, Carlos Saura, 1970

Good Neighbor Sam, David Swift, 1964

The Hard Way, Vincent Sherman, 1943

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Robert Ellis Miller, 1968

He Ran All the Way, John Berry, 1951

Henri-Georges Clouzot’s “Inferno,” Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea, 2009*

Honeycomb, Carlos Saura, 1969

Hud, Martin Ritt, 1963

The Hunt, Carlos Saura, 1966

If…., Lindsay Anderson, 1968

Jabberwocky, Terry Gilliam, 1977

Kes, Ken Loach, 1969

A Kind of Loving, John Schlesinger, 1962

Kings Row, Sam Wood, 1942

The Knack . . . and How to Get It, Richard Lester, 1965

Late August, Early September, Olivier Assayas, 1998

Les choses de la vie, Claude Sautet, 1970

The L-Shaped Room, Bryan Forbes, 1962*

Ludwig, Luchino Visconti, 1973

Maison du bonheur, Sofia Bohdanowicz, 2017

The Man Who Fell to Earth, Nicolas Roeg, 1976

Max and the Junkmen, Claude Sautet, 1971

Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators, Ema Ryan Yamazaki, 2017

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World, Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri, 2021

MS Slavic 7, Sofia Bohdanowicz, Deragh Campbell, 2019

Neptune Frost, Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman, 2021

Never Eat Alone, Sofia Bohdanowicz, 2016

The Old Man and the Sea, John Sturges, 1958

Patang, Prashant Bhargava, 2011

Picnic, Joshua Logan, 1955

Point and Line to Plane, Sofia Bohdanowicz, 2020

A Prayer, Sofia Bohdanowicz, 2013

The Prisoner of Zenda, John Cromwell, 1937

Pumping Iron, George Butler and Robert Fiore, 1977

Pushing Hands, Ang Lee, 1991

Room at the Top, Jack Clayton, 1959

The Rose Tattoo, Daniel Mann, 1955*

Sambizanga, Sarah Maldoror, 1972

Searching for Mr. Rugoff, Ira Deutchman, 2019

The Secret of Roan Inish, John Sayles, 1994

The Servant, Joseph Losey, 1963

The September Issue, R. J. Cutler, 2009*

Seven Beauties, Lina Wertmüller, 1975

Shining Victory, Irving Rapper, 1941

Sissi, Ernst Marischka, 1955

The Soft Space, Sofia Bohdanowicz and Melanie J. Scheiner, 2018

Sound of the Night, Chanrado Sok and Kongkea Vann, 2021

Spontaneous, Lori Felker, 2020

The Strawberry Blonde, Raoul Walsh, 1941

Stress Is Three, Carlos Saura, 1968

Sweet Hours, Carlos Saura, 1982

Swept Away, Lina Wertmüller, 1974

That Most Important Thing: Love, Andrzej Żuławski, 1975

The Wonderland, Keiichi Hara, 2019

This Is Not a Movie, Yung Chang, 2019*

This Property Is Condemned, Sydney Pollack, 1966

Veslemøy’s Song, Sofia Bohdanowicz, 2018

Yankee Doodle Dandy, Michael Curtiz, 1942

*Available in the U.S. only

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