Good cast addition, frighteningly generic-sounding movie. Variety reports that Rosario Dawson has joined the cast of Queen of the Night from writer/director Atom Egoyan (Devil’s Knot, The Sweet Hereafter). The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as a man who, through the discovery of a series of clues, comes to the conclusion that his abducted daughter is still alive. Dawson’s role is that of the lead investigator in the case of Reynolds’ missing daughter, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that the two work together to solve the mystery at one point. (At least, considering how these things tend to shake out.)

This is just another notch in the belt of Dawson’s filmography, as her IMDb profile shows that she’s either wrapped or is currently filming six different movies for release this year, including Danny Boyle‘s Trance. If any of you have been wondering where Rosario Dawson has been lately, I think 2013 is going to be your year. At this point, with such a packed schedule, I’m surprised she isn’t in anything with Dwayne Johnson.

I dig her and Ryan Reynolds, but Variety makes Queen of the Night sound so damn generic that I don’t think I’ll be able to man up and see it in a theater to be honest. I have little-to-no interest in this.

Queen of the Night, which also co-stars Scott Speedman and Mireille Enos, starts shooting in Ontario next month.

What do you think of Dawson coming in for Egoyan’s next picture?

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