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Disorienting UK Posters for Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’

Written by on January 23, 2013 

Update: Two new posters have come in — one a Rosario Dawson version of the original release, the other a UK quad — courtesy of Empire and RecentMoviePosters (via ThePlaylist). The original story can be read below.

I haven’t been following the recent UK marketing for Danny Boyle‘s Trance all that closely, if only because I knew right from moment one that a Boyle-directed heist film was a must-see. However, this disorienting new poster from TotalFilm — which will be used overseas to promote the film’s March 27th release in the UK — has increased my interest tenfold, as I honestly had no idea the film was even flirting with the possibility of being something of a reality-warping head-trip.

The latest plot-synopsis run-down makes the mind-bending elements of the plot extremely clear: “The all-star cast features James McAvoy as a fine art auctioneer whose dodgy extracurricular dealings go awry when he suffers amnesia mid-way through a heist. When Rosario Dawson enters the scene as a hypnotherapist intent on helping him recover his memory (and the painting), the lines between reality, desire and hypnotic suggestion blur to deadly effect.” That Vincent Cassel (mesmerizing with recent supporting turns in Black Swan and A Dangerous Method) is on board as “the gangster on their tail” just makes things all the more exciting. The script, meanwhile, was co-written by John Hodge (Trainspotting) and Joe Ahearne (who helmed the TV movie upon which this is based).

Get a full look at the orange-tinted poster below, and click here if you need to catch up with the trailer, which debuted about two weeks ago. I’m really hoping that we get word of a domestic release date as soon as possible, because Trance simply sounds like classiest entertainment around since Skyfall — which, coincidentally, also premiered first in the UK, to enormously great effect.

What do you think of this poster? Does it match the vibe you got from the trailer?

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