NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings.

Film at Lincoln Center
György Fehér’s remarkable, Béla Tarr-produced Twilight opens in a new restoration (read Z.W. Lewis on the film and its history here) while Ryûsuke Hamaguchi’s early feature Passion continues screening (read Daniel Eagen’s interview with him here).

Museum of the Moving Image
A series on Jeanne Dielman‘s influences brings the film itself, further work by Akerman and Michael Snow; a program of Maya Deren movies plays on 16mm this Sunday; Sunrise plays on 35mm this Sunday, while Coraline shows in 3D.

Roxy Cinema
Resident Evil, Spring Breakers, and The Terminator have 35mm showings while Dennis Hopper’s Out of the Blue and The Trial screen in 4K restorations.

Light Industry
The Hong Kong Category III (read: very dirty) films of Fan Ho play this weekend, including a special 16mm presentation on Sunday.

IFC Center
Gregg Araki’s The Doom Generation shows in a director’s cut; Beau Travail and Chungking Express offer a Claire Denis and Wong Kar-wai fix, respective; Taxi Driver and They Live have late showings.

Film Forum
The Conformist and Raging Bull continue; the Harold Lloyd-starring Grandma’s Boy plays this Sunday on 16mm.

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