NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings.

Museum of Modern Art

Peter Bogdanovich’s very funny, never-before-seen Squirrels to the Nuts has an exclusive run (about which more here), while a retrospective of Larry Fessenden’s genre house Glass Eye Pix is underway.


A Robert Siodmak retrospective has started, as has “Pop Plays Itself,” a collection of musicians onscreen, while Resnais, Demy, and Marker lead Left Bank CinemaMetrograph A to Z continues with Powell-Pressburger and Ray; Perfect Blue and Son of the White Mare are in “Late Nights“; Charles Grodin is paid tribute with screenings of Midnight Run and Clifford.

Anthology Film Archives

A series on imageless films—featuring Hollis Frampton, Guy Debord, and Derek Jarman—is underway while some of Buster Keaton’s greatest works screen in “Essential Cinema.”

Film Forum

Joseph Losey’s great Mr. Klein has been restored, as has Bronco Bullfrog; Buster Keaton and Sidney Poitier retrospectives are running.


Ang Lee’s rarely screened debut feature Pushing Hands has been restored.

Roxy Cinema

Romeo + Juliet and River’s Edge have 35mm showings on Saturday, while X-rated cartoons screen on 16mm this Sunday alongside a 35mm print of Kuichisan.

IFC Center

EraserheadDuneTwilightMysterious Skin, and Derek Jarman’s Sebastiane have late-night showings.

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