NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings.

Roxy Cinema
The 35mm print of Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo we presented last weekend has an encore appearance on Saturday afternoon, while prints of two Spielberg sequels (The Lost World and Temple of Doom) play alongside Shadows and Fog, Bloodhounds of Broadway, and My Blueberry Nights.

Anthology Film Archives
Shopping Worlds” is a cinematic exploration of malls, offering the likes of Jackie Brown, Nocturama, Wiseman’s The Store, Dawn of the Dead, and Akerman’s Golden Eighties.

Museum of the Moving Image
Inception and John Carpenter’s Starman play on 70mm in a new series.

Film Forum
Contempt and Thelma & Louise play in 4K restorations, while the ’50s creature feature Robot Monster play in 3D on Sunday.

Museum of Modern Art
Views from the Vault” closes with films by Jia Zhangke and more, while “Silent Movie Week” is underway.

A restoration of the recently rediscovered Tokyo Pop has begun playing.

IFC Center
Sucker Punch, Spy Kids, National Treasure, and Con Air have late showings, while The Wicker Man plays in a new restoration.

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