NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings.

Film Forum
A celebration of Ozu’s 120th birthday brings a massive series, with many playing on 35mm; a retrospective on New York movies continues with CarpenterMel BrooksCassavetesPolanskiWoody Allen, and more; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory plays on 35mm this Sunday.

Film at Lincoln Center
A retrospective of the great, underseen Marco Ferreri begins with a series of imported 35mm prints.

Roxy Cinema
35mm prints of Blade Runner, Cruising, and Control screen this weekend, while Happy Together also plays.

Museum of the Moving Image
An Asteroid City-themed series programmed by Wes Anderson and Jake Perlin includes Close Encounters and three films by the Maysles; Fassbinder’s Querelle plays in a queer cinema series.

Museum of Modern Art
tribute to casting directors Ellen Lewis and Laura Rosenthal brings prints of Broadway Danny Rose and I’m Not There, as well as Dead Man.

IFC Center
The David Lynch retrospective continues; A Clockwork Orange and Aliens have late showings.

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