NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings.

Roxy Cinema

Three by Abel Ferrara—Mary, Go Go Tales, and The Funeral—are on 35mm while the director presents his cut of Welcome to New York; this Friday a 16mm print of Deep Throat and 35mm of The Warriors are both available.

Museum of Modern Art

One of the year’s great retrospectives looks at deep cuts of Shochiku Studios.

Japan Society

A print of Kurosawa’s Kagemusha shows Friday.

Film Forum

35mms print of Brooke Adams-starrer Vengeance Is Mine and Diva screen, while Montgomery Clift is given a retro featuring the greatest of Old Hollywood; Creature from the Black Lagoon plays in 3D this Sunday.

Museum of the Moving Image

Miami Vice and The Insider show on 35mm for “Mann to Mann: The Manly Melodramas of Michael Mann,” while the great DP James Wong Howe is given his dues in a new retrospective.

IFC Center

As the restoration of INLAND EMPIRE continues, Mulholland Dr.Perfect BluePaprika, and Enter the Void have late-night showings.


Just in time for Assayas’ new take, Irma Vep shows in “Hong Kong Goes International.”

Anthology Film Archives

Essential Cinema has Dziga Vertov, while a Jim Fletcher retrospective is underway.

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