Well, at least Stephen Schaefer from the Boston Herald thinks so…

Perhaps the biggest Oscar snub this season is the exclusion of Matteo Garrone’s Gomorrah for Best Foreign Language Film. The Italian mafia movie won the Grand Prix at Cannes and earned rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival. Here is a new poster:

This is the first time I have seen Martin Scorsese’s name attached as presenting it. He had no involvement with the production of the film, but hopefully he is able to help the film reach a wider audience. Gomorrah was one of my favorite movies of 2008. I had this to say, “A captivating, documentary-style look into the modern-crime syndicate of Naples, Italy. Reminiscent of one of my favorite films, City of God, this pulls no punches either as we see nearly every aspect of crime in the city.”  If you haven’t seen it GO, now. Here is a trailer:

Do you like the new poster? Will Martin Scorsese help find a wider audience?

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