Although he created one of the best TV series to grace the small screen, it took a massive hit comedy to get Hollywood invested in Paul Feig. The Freaks & Geeks creator and Bridesmaids director is now getting attached to a number of high-profile projects and THR has news on one he’s reportedly entered talks for.

Reese Witherspoon is lined up to star in the film in which Feig is circling, a Disney fantasy comedy titled Wish List. Written by Kung Fu Panda 2 scribes Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, it tells the story of a workaholic adult whose perfect life is thrown upside down when all the wishes they made as a child magically come true.

With Feig departing the Bridget Jones sequel, this one could end up being his next film. As for Witherspoon, she’s also planning to star in Atom Egoyan‘s The Devil’s Knot but no news on when that will enter production. Her career has been in the gutter lately with the one-two punch of the atrocious This Means War and How Do You Know, with the lacking Water For Elephants in the middle.

But things are on the upswing as she’s headed to Cannes for Mud from Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols. As Feig was able to guide Kristen Wiig in a career-making performance, hopefully he’ll be able to give Witherspoon a career-rejuvenating one.

What do you think about Feig and Witherspoon teaming up?

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