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Paul Thomas Anderson, Mathieu Amalric, Pedro Costa, Mike Leigh, and Bennett Miller will give talks during this year’s NYFF.

At Venice, Abel Ferrara attacks IFC Films for requesting an R-rated version of his Cannes drama Welcome to New York, and Wild Bunch respond:

Welcome to New York is not being distributed in the U.S. because of this company, IFC, which I’m totally disgusted with. They knew from day one when they bought this film that they had the final version and that it wasn’t going to be changed.” He adds, “I’ve f—ing had it with this corporate assault on the artists and the freedom of the artist, period. It’s like a war against movies. Because 90 percent of the marketplace is owned by five guys masquerading as corporations. They’re vultures and they’re vampires, and they’re trying to suck the blood out of the life of the filmmaking community.”

Martin Scorsese’s The Film Foundation will partner with India’s Film Heritage Foundation for a course in Mumbai next year, THR reports.

David Bordwell dives deep into Jean-Luc Godard‘s latest film:

Godard’s Adieu au Langage is the best new film I’ve seen this year, and the best 3D film I’ve ever seen. As a Godardolater for fifty years, I’m biased, of course. And I might feel that I have to justify taking a train from Brussels to Paris to watch it (twice). But the film seems to me superb, and it gets better after several more (2D) viewings.

Watch the trailer for a new restoration of Orson Welles’ Macbeth, from Carlotta Films:


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