With Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch finally confirmed to world premiere at Cannes Film Festival (who have delayed their full selection announcement to June 3), we’re waiting to see when Searchlight Pictures will follow up with the U.S. release date, but in the meantime, the director is setting his sights on his next project. Last fall it was reported he’d be embarking on a new romance film set in, fittingly, Rome but it looks like plans have shifted.

El Pais reports that the director will be staying in Europe, but headed to Spain––specifically Chinchón in southeast Madrid––this July, August, and September to shoot his next movie. Sets are already being built for the production that resemble desert landscapes seen in westerns, though it’s reported that the film will not be in that genre.

While no plot or cast has been confirmed yet, sources expect the familiar ensemble of Anderson’s past films, though take that with a grain of salt. Chinchón’s mayor Francisco Javier Martínez said, “This is very important to this city,” and noting the town’s cinema is even open for him to shoot at if he desires.

Check back for more details as they come in, but it’s looking like we could get back-to-back Wes Anderson movies in 2021 and 2022. Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Wes Anderson, Alec Baldwin, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anjelica Huston, and Danny Glover would take part in a live-streamed conversation celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Royal Tenenbaums at Tribeca Film Festival. And if you have $20,000 a month, the townhouse from the film can be rented by you and your own dysfunctional family:

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