THR is reporting that Alex Tse, co-writer of last year’s Watchmen, has been hired by Fox to adapt the Fourth Realm Trilogy. The three sci-fi books are written by John Twelve Hawks, and titled The Traveler (2005), The Dark River (2007), The Golden City (2009). The best-selling books have “comparisons to Dan Brown, The Matrix and Star Wars used to describe a series that explores the ideas of free will and public surveillance, secret societies and good versus evil.” Check out a synopsis of the first book below.

The Traveler is set in a U.S. society run by a secret organization seeking to control the population via constant observation. Seeking to rebel against these constraints are an almost extinct group of people called Travelers, who can project their spirit into other dimensions, and their protectors, called Harlequins.

The inaugural tome centers on a reluctant Harlequin named Maya who must protect two naive Traveler brothers.

I’m down for another sci-fi trilogy. It’s interesting to not that the author Hawks is very reclusive and lives “off the grid” and “according to the series’ publisher Random House, and neither his editor nor agent has ever met him.” The film adaptation is being produced by Gil Netter (The Blind Side) and Andrew Tennenbaum (The Bourne Identity).

Does this new trilogy sound interesting to you or has it been worn out?

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