It might take the entirety of Donald Trump’s imminent second term for David Lynch’s current run of music videos to equal another feature film, but each has been a gift of its own. Following last month’s “Sublime Eternal Love“––the first single from his and Chrystabell’s forthcoming album Cellophane Memories––there’s now a video for the second release, “The Answers to the Questions,” ahead of their record’s August 2 release.

While “Sublime Eternal Love” suggested a lost bit of INLAND EMPIRE, “The Answers to the Questions” is very much à la Lynch’s animated work––think of FIRE (POZAR) or bits of his video for Nine Inch Nails’ “Came Back Haunted.” And, yes, a certain TV series / movie spanning 25 years.

Find the video, tracklist, and album art below:

1. She Knew
2. The Sky Falls
3. You Know The Rest
4. So Much Love
5. Two Lovers Kiss
6. The Answers to the Questions
7. With Small Animals
8. Reflections in a Blade
9. Dance of Light
10. Sublime Eternal Love

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