When he’s not sharing personal details on Twitter or working on his new November album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, rapper Kanye West continues to stay busy. He recently spent four days in Prague to shoot a 40-minute film titled Runaway. Today we have a short teaser, and it actually looks quite intriguing. There is not much in the way of story revealed, but he has managed to capture some striking images that convince me to eventually check out the film. A writer from Music Network saw the film in Sydney and had some ecstatic words:

It is as visually spectacular as it is sonically rewarding. Rich colours, dynamic contrasts, and an almost rampant use of mythological symbols; birds (a phoenix to be precise), flight, storms, fire, floods, hooded-figures, effigies, ballerinas, bunnies, bambis and innocence.

As with any good Greek mythological saga these symbols echo archetypal themes of discovery, metamorphosis, mortality, loss, acceptance and redemption. But unlike it’s heavily referenced Aesop’s Fables, in Runaway there is no grotesque humor dealing with the pain of the human condition.


Will you check out Kanye West’s directorial debut? Are you a fan of his work?

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