Robert Rodriguez hasn’t been doing much directing work since his standout job with Sin City in 2005. The last five years he directed (the better) half of Grindhouse and the kids film Shorts. Now he has Machete coming out this September and is readying Spy Kids 4 for next year. He also produced Nimrod Antal‘s Predators which hits theaters in less than a month.

Now Production Weekly reports that he has been offered to direct the Deadpool spin-off for Fox. The film is being scribed by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and will star Ryan Reynolds.

I can’t see Rodriguez really pursuing this, as he has a few other projects lined up (Nerverackers and Sin City 3 namely). I wasn’t very excited for a Deadpool film until the Zombieland writers got attached and now with Rodriguez rumored, I’m definitely more interested. Reynolds should also prove to be a solid comic book hero, as he didn’t really get the chance in X-Men Origins. He will also be in Martin Campbell‘s The Green Lantern. We will keep updated on the Deadpool project.

Do you think Rodriguez should direct Deadpool?

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