With a filmography of full-hearted movies with bold innovation when it comes to both their aesthetic touch and narrative ideas, one of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s finest films, A Matter of Life and Death, has recently been restored and is now returning to theaters. Ahead of the run, a new trailer has now arrived courtesy of Park Circus.

“A romantic, daring and beautifully realized allegorical fantasy – one of the best of the Powell/Pressburger movies,” says Martin Scorsese, a great admirer of the directing duo, who is quoted in the trailer. A Matter of Life and Death returns to UK theaters on December 8 and opens at NYC’s Film Forum for a one-week run on December 29. See the synopsis and gorgeous new trailer and poster below.

Fantastical and romantic, A Matter of Life and Death stars David Niven as an RAF pilot who must appeal to a celestial court after accidentally being allowed to evade death. Celebrated filmmaking duo Powell and Pressburger cross boundaries of narrative, metaphysics and technology in pursuit of one of their finest tales; an experimental and expressive voyage through love and life that playfully juxtaposes a Technicolor world of living, breathing passion and a monochrome afterlife governed by rigid rules.


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