He said it before and he will damn well say it again. Christopher Nolan‘s director of photography Wally Pfister (a big part of Inception‘s beautiful look) spoke to MTV and confirmed his goal of shooting Batman 3 entirely with IMAX cameras. Remember the opening scene of The Dark Knight? Imagine if every single frame of Batman 3 looked like that. As for the film he said:

“I can’t say until I read the script, but it would certainly be my preferred, amazing goal to shoot the whole movie in IMAX.”

Like Nolan, he isn’t a big fan of 3D:

“I must say I’m a huge IMAX fan. I like IMAX more than I like 3-D. Chris’ films are so densely layered and have so much going on visually in every way that IMAX helps enhance that because of the scope and the scale of it — it becomes a much larger canvas to paint on. That’s what we found on ‘Dark Knight. I’m not a big fan of 3-D. I liken it to my View-Master I had 40 years ago. Are you really getting more out of the story with 3-D? When you separate those different planes and you’re creating artificial depth, it looks phony to me.”

I applaud Pfister’s desire for higher resolution and not 3D. His big reason for using regular cameras on Inception was for the handheld approach. IMAX cameras are not only big and heavy, but are also loud. By the time Batman 3 starts shooting next spring, I hope they come to resolution to use them.

Batman 3 is scheduled for a July 20th, 2012 release. Wally Pfister is currently shooting Moneyball starring Brad Pitt.

Can Nolan and Pfister step it up for Batman 3? Is IMAX the way to go?

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