While his latest effort, Something in the Air, will finally see a release next week following a fall festival bow, director Olivier Assayas is finalizing his cast for his follow-up. Titled Sils Maria, we got some intriguing details month regarding the meta-nature of the story and now another addition has been added for the film that recently grabbed distribution.

According to Deadline, Juliette Binoche and Mia Wasikowska will be joined by Chloe Moretz, if talks go through. Reteaming with IFC Films for U.S. distribution, the film will Binoche as Maria Enders, an actress who who reflects on her life and career while staying in Sils Maria, the “hill and flower-friendly portion of the Engadin region of Switzerland.” Reportedly taking place in one room, the character will reflect on “ageism, insecurities and doubts brought about by a successful, yet controversial role she played two decades prior.”

Wasikowska figures in as an assistant, while Moretz will be playing the role of JoAnn, an actress “who becomes the obsession of the actress played by Binoche after [she] takes on a role that made the older woman famous when she was young.” Confused yet? We’ll just let Assayas work out all the details on this one, which will hopefully see a release next year. As for Moretz, this is easily our most-anticipated role from the young actress following her work with Martin Scorsese, but one can also see her in the Carrie remake and Kick-Ass 2 this year.

Are you looking forward to seeing Moretz in a new Assayas film?

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