NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings.

Japan Society
One of Japan’s greatest directors, Shinji Somai, is subject of a retrospective that features many of his films in new restorations. Read our piece on Somai here.

Museum of Modern Art
A Rialto Pictures retrospective offers a smorgasbord of classic films, including The Conversation and That Obscure Object of Desire on 35mm.

A series on actor-director jobs includes Touch of Evil (which Abel Ferrara once told me is “the greatest American film ever made, arguably”), Do the Right Thing, and Playtime on 35mm.

Anthology Film Archives
Three by Jean Cocteau screen in Essential Cinema, while Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One screens and a Jean Rouch retrospective begins.

Film at Lincoln Center
György Fehér’s remarkable, Béla Tarr-produced Twilight continues in a new restoration (read Z.W. Lewis on the film and its history here).

Museum of the Moving Image
Major League and a print of The Untouchables screen on Saturday.

Roxy Cinema
Schrader’s Affliction, Blake Edwards’ S.O.B., Mystery Train, and In the Mouth of Madness have 35mm showings while Dennis Hopper’s Out of the Blue and The Trial screen in 4K restorations; City Dudes returns on Saturday.

IFC Center
Gregg Araki’s The Doom Generation shows in a director’s cut; Chungking Express offers a Wong Kar-wai fix, respective; Taxi Driver and They Live have late showings.

Film Forum
As Raging Bull continues, the Harold Lloyd-starrer Hot Water plays this Sunday on 35mm.

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