After a hiatus as theaters in New York City and beyond closed their doors during the pandemic, we’re delighted to announce the return of NYC Weekend Watch, our weekly round-up of repertory offerings. While many theaters are still focused on a selection of new releases, there’s a handful of worthwhile repertory screenings taking place.

Cinema Village

Abel Ferrara’s Cinema Village,” a nine-title selection of films both from and beloved by the great director, is underway with tickets running only $5. Read our interview with Ferrara here.

Film at Lincoln Center

The restoration of Joyce Chopra’s Smooth Talk continues, while Hou Hsiao-hsien’s masterpiece Flowers of Shanghai and Muhammad Ali, the Greatest screen.

Museum of the Moving Image

Prints of Full Metal Jacket and The Shining have showings, while 2001 plays on DCP; non-Kubrick screenings include Beau Travail and The Right Stuff.

Film Forum

Le Cercle Rouge La Piscine, and continue, while Roy Andersson’s Songs from the Second Floor; You, the Living; and A Pigeon… all play on the occasion of the premiere of a new documentary on the director, Being a Human.

IFC Center

The restoration of Lizzie Borden’s Working Girls continues.

Roxy Cinema

A print of John Waters’ Polyester screens this Friday.


Lizzie Borden’s Working Girls begins a run.

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