Kicking off this news round-up is a small but notable update that Quentin Tarantino plans to launch production on his final feature The Movie Critic this fall in Los Angeles, according to Production Weekly. With Brad Pitt currently the only confirmed cast member, it’ll follow a movie critic in 1977 wherein Tararantino will reimagine the production of a number of films.

Lynne Ramsay has been developing a handful of projects following 2017’s You Were Never Really Here, and we now finally have an update on which one is likely to shoot first. As reported by Variety out of Reykjavik’s Stockfish Film & Industry Festival, Ramsay confirmed she’s prepping to shoot the Jennifer Lawrence-led Die, My Love, based on Ariana Harwicz’s novel “about a woman living in isolation in rural France who loses her mind amid marriage and motherhood.”

Walter Hill isn’t hanging up his directing hat, revealing he’ll next helm a film noir. “When they give you a lifetime achievement award, it is kind of obligatory that you say, ‘Wait a minute, it’s not over. I’m still working,’” Hill tells Indiewire upon receiving the WGA 2024 Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement. “It always sounds like the end of the trail. But I like to look forward, not back. I’m much more interested in my next screenplay than I am in my last one. My last one [“Dead for a Dollar”] was a Western, and now I’m going back to film noir, and I hope to make a couple more. So the beat goes on.”

In a brief update from Deadline, Damien Chazelle hasn’t been shunned to director’s jail after Babylon, rather setting up a prison drama at Paramount that will see a release next year, so one can expect further news soon.

In excellent news, Bi Gan is in production on his next feature Resurrection, so we can expect a 2025 premiere.

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