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Beyonce’s Baby Bumps Back Production On Eastwood’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake

Written by on August 29, 2011 

It would appear that the birth of one star will delay the birth of another. Singer/actress Beyonce Knowles has got a bun in the oven, courtesy of husband/rapper Jay-Z, and while the power couple await the superbaby’s arrival, director Clint Eastwood will have to wait on his musical remake of A Star Is Born.

This seems to be yet another snafu for the production, after potential lead, Leonardo DiCaprio decided he wasn’t quite ready to bust out hi song-and-dance chops, making way for the ceaselessly busy Christian Bale to possibly star. If anything, it might prove well for the project, as it may potentially give Bale time to sneak in one of the other films on his plate. [Deadline]

While I doubt that Eastwood will idle on this production for the duration of Knowles’ pregnancy, it might be in his best interest to take his time on this one. The musical genre is something outside his comfort zone, and dance numbers are about as notoriously difficult to shoot alongside action or sports. After seeing how lazily he shot the wonderful sport that is rugby, one can only hope he’s learned his lesson. Moreover, considering that this is the fifth version of the story (everyone seems to forget Cukor’s 1932 original), hopefully Eastwood can use this hiatus to bring something fresh to the table.

Originally set for a February 2012 start date, a new date has yet to be established but with Beyonce‘s baby arriving late next spring, we’ll have to see what producers plan to do.

Do you think this hiatus will help or hurt production?

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