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Beyonce Steps Behind the Camera for Documentary About Herself

Written by on August 1, 2012 

With Justin Bieber succeeding and Katy Perry recently stumbling, it seems as though every major pop star wants to take a stab at putting themselves up on the big screen. But rarely, do they attempt to do it themselves. LA Times reports that Beyonce Knowles is set to change things up and she’s already underway on creating documentary about herself, taking the reigns as producer and as director.

The film, which is being shopped around to studios now, follows the entertainment icon with a combination of some concert performances, as well as confessional interviews. One can expect it touches on her busy recent years, including the relationship with her husband Jay-Z, their daughter, chart-topping albums and even discussions of her potential next foray into the narrative feature film scene, with Clint Eastwood‘s A Star Is Born. At least this would give her some practice for when that moment comes, not discounting her turns in Obsessed, Pink Panther, Dreamgirls and the little-seen Cadillac Records.

While there are few other females that have much star power as Knowles does in the entertainment scene, I’m not very curious to see her turn the camera on herself and seemingly calculate every move. The most fascinating documentaries surrounding musicians usually involve somewhat of an outside source, so if she’s able to create something that doesn’t just please her die-hard fans for the entire runtime, it could be worthwhile. With 20 minutes already being shown to distributors, hopefully we can expect some formal news soon.

Are you interested at seeing Beyonce’s skills behind the camera?

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