We are now three months away from a new film by Martin Scorsese. The long-awaited Killers of the Flower Moon, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone, Robert De Niro, and Jesse Plemons, premiered to much acclaim at Cannes Film Festival last May and now Apple and Paramount have unveiled a new trailer. The adaptation of the David Grann book by Scorsese and Eric Roth depicts the serial murder of members of the oil-wealthy Osage Nation, a string of brutal crimes that came to be known as the Reign of Terror.

Luke Hicks said in his review, “Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of Killers of the Flower Moon makes no mistake about who is at the center of its tragedy: the Osage Nation. Shot primarily on location on the reservation in Oklahoma, the film opens and closes with Osage ceremonies, one mourning death and the other celebrating life, in that order. The story in-between, however, takes the opposite arc, tracing some of Scorsese’s most memorable characters through a period of gut-wrenching prosperity that was always bound to rot.”

DiCaprio told Osage News, “You know, Marty was there for 10 months, in that house, thinking of this story. I remember this tender moment when we were talking and it was ‘Leo, I feel this story in my bones,’ and I’ve never heard him say that. It was very interesting, he felt a deep passion to tell this story and of course, this is what he does so well – it’s obviously a microcosm for a much larger horrendous tapestry of what has been done to Indigenous people in our country. By focusing in on these characters and finding this truth, he was obsessed. Especially after meeting the Osage community and being embraced by them.”

See the trailer below.

Killers of the Flower Moon opens on October 6 in limited release and goes wide on October 20, including a release in IMAX theaters.

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