We’re now just a few days away from the widest release of Martin Scorsese’s career as Killers of the Flower Moon is set to open in around 3,500 theaters in the United States from Paramount and Apple. (Netflix, hope you are taking notes.) With the SAG strike underway, the legendary director himself has led the promotional campaign, which means the publishing of several stellar interviews digging deeper into the process.

One of the most interesting bits to arrive about the production of his David Grann adaptation is that Scorsese drew inspiration from Ari Aster when it comes to the project. “I very much like the style and pacing of good horror films like Ari Aster’s Midsommar or Beau Is Afraid,” he told The Irish Times. “The pacing of those films goes back to the B films of Val Lewton, Jacques Tourneur’s Cat People or I Walked With a Zombie.” While Scorsese’s admiration for Aster is well-documented, it’s once again impressive the sheer breadth of cinematic knowledge the director draws from for his influences.

Next up: it’s been a bit unclear what, precisely, the 80-year-old director will helm for his next project, but it now seems confirmed it will be another reteam with David Grann, Apple, and Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wager, according to his new interview with The Times. First announced last summer, the true tale of high-seas mutiny makes for an epic read, chock full of fascinating historical details in the way only Grann can deliver, and we can’t wait to see how Scorsese adapts the rather ambitious story.

He also confirmed he’s still developing the announced adaptation of Marilynne Robinson’s Home. In terms of how much smaller it is in scale than The Wager, he said, “in production terms, yes — but it’s deceptive. I think, internally, it may be bigger.” The director added, “I don’t want to slow down. At my age, your body tells you at a certain point you need to pace yourself, but I’m still searching for, as I mentioned earlier, the answer to how we take care of each other. I thought that my films should reflect that. I have tried the best that I can.”

Ahead of Friday’s wide release of Killers, check out a (finally!) worthwhile poster, created by the film’s Osage Nation Ambassador, Addie Roanhorse, along with the final trailer and a selection of clips.

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