If you’ve experienced the four-hour Love Exposure or the bizarre Cold Fish, you know you’re never sure what to expect when it comes to director Sion Sono. Coming off the disaster drama The Land of Hope, the Japanese helmer has now decided on his next feature and he’ll be once again switching things up.

Tokyo Hive have the details, as he’s jumped on board what’s described as his “first pure entertainment blockbuster” and the director himself says the action film has “accidental” similarities with Quentin Tarantino‘s Kill Bill. That’s due in part to him having written the film fifteen years ago, while Tarantino was just in his Jackie Brown phase. Titled Jigoku de Naze Warui – Why Don’t You Play in Hell?, the six main roles have already been filled by Kunimura Jun, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Nikaido Fumi, Tomochika, Hasegawa Hiroki, and Hoshino Gen.

Following the group, each member “bound by hatred,” Sono describes it as “very extreme and filled with all kinds of stuff,” but assures viewers that unlike his other possibly obtuse work that they will be “genuinely able to enjoy this movie.” With a mix of comedy and action elements, Kunimura say that it’s “a wonderful story with beautiful words flying past each other like bullets in an absolutely unthinkable world.” Regardless it sounds like Sono certainly has a few more tricks up his sleeve and I’m curious to see someone with his style take on a film in this genre. Check out a more detailed synopsis below.

Muto (Kunimura) desperately wants to help his daughter Mitsuko (Nikaido) to star in a movie. Ikegami (Tsutsumi) has fallen in love with Mitsuko but he’s on more than just bad terms with her father. Getting dragged into this complicated situation are the movie director Hirata (Hasegawa) and some random man named Kouji (Hoshino).

The film will see a March 2013 release in Japan and hopefully US distribution soon to follow.

Are you looking forward to his next film? 

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