Just a few weeks ago we got the welcome news that Jim Jarmusch is finally planning to shoot a new feature this year, backed by Saint Laurent. Then just today, a special collaboration featuring Jarmusch scoring Man Ray restorations was announced for Cannes. Those two don’t mark the only projects the artist is up to: after many singles, EPs, and score contributions to his own films, Jarmusch and Carter Logan’s band SQÜRL have now released their first fully-fledged album, titled “Silver Haze.”

“The length of things that you release [is] so arbitrary,” Jarmusch told Spin. “For example, our feature films are 90 minutes to two and a half hours based on the turnaround in a movie theater. It’s not based on the aesthetic design of filmmaking, because a great film can be two minutes long or six hours long. The whole idea of these arbitrary formats are interesting and silly, too, in a way. This is that format because it exists, and we just set stuff into that format. Personally, I love EPs. I like the amount of time you listen to a certain, I don’t know, just series of music or pieces that were made at the same time or not. I love EPs. It’s arbitrary, but it doesn’t matter the format.”

Listen below.

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