For their latest retrospective, Metrograph have turned their sights towards Kelly Reichardt. Ahead of “American Landscapes: The Cinema of Kelly Reichardt” running from Saturday, May 11 to May 27, with Reichardt present for screenings the first weekend, we’re pleased to exclusively debut the series’ trailer.

Here’s the official rundown: “Since her second feature, 2006’s Old Joy, Miami-born Reichardt has staked a claim to the Pacific Northwest—Oregon in six films, with the Montana of Certain Women an outlier—that has made her name as synonymous with the region as, say, Faulkner’s is with Mississippi. The attention she pays to the specific cadences and rituals of life in the Northwest, from the Portland of Showing Up to the thinly populated southern Oregon in Night Moves, is matched by her exhaustive engagement in every aspect of her films, from screenwriting—frequently in collaboration with Jonathan Raymond—to editing, which she will discuss in depth in a panel presented by American Cinema Editors (ACE) as part of this full retrospective of her eight features to date, a chance to review the filmography of a confirmed regionalist whose particular genius has taken her far beyond the boundaries of her chosen home.”

Metrograph at Home will be streaming two shorts as well: “Bronx, New York, November 2019 and Cal State Long Beach, CA, January 2020, explorations of the artistic process commissioned by The Centre Pompidou during the time Reichardt was writing Showing Up.”


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