Though we won’t take full credit for the Josh Hartnettaissance, we were among the first publications to note he––as totemic a figure of early-2000s American movies as anybody else––was up to something interesting. Recent castings by Guy Ritchie and Christopher Nolan have portended a return to more mainstream features, a moment more or less confirmed by today’s news that Hartnett will lead M. Night Shyamalan’s next, currently shooting feature, once known as Trap but now shooting under the title Good Grades. [Film Updates]

In June, Shyamalan confirmed the feature is a “psychological thriller set at a concert.” Hartnett’s playing a father who gets stuck in the event after taking his daughter; meanwhile, the director’s daughter Saleka Shyamalan will play a pop star. Does this mean the return of Mid-Sized Sedan? Further details on the production (even a DP) are yet to emerge, but an August 2, 2024 release date––basically as close to now as we are far from Knock at the Cabin––suggest more should unveil soon.

Listen to our discussion of Hartnett’s career from The B-Side below.

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