“The choosing of a role is so difficult for me. That’s the real challenge: to choose the role, not to do the role. Once you’ve chosen them, the process is much easier. Some roles are easier to choose, some roles are more difficult because they are more daring. Sometimes you have to dare,” Isabelle Huppert told Interview Magazine. “I pick someone like Erika in The Piano Teacher, for example, it was a daring choice which I never regretted afterwards. Sometimes you have to go that far. If it wasn’t for [director] Michael Haneke I would’ve certainly been a lot more intimidated and I’m not sure if I would’ve dared doing it. Given that it was Michael, I knew what he was capable of, and I knew I was going to be protected. Even if you are protected, at some point you are also exposed. But it’s important to be exposed.”

After having a supporting role in the Oscar-winning Amour, it looks like two will team together again. With Haneke dropping Flashmob, he moved on to developing a France-set feature and he now perhaps has found his lead. While being honored with an award at the International Film Festival of Morelia this week, word is coming in that Huppert confirmed she’ll be working with him soon. Although no details on the film have been unveiled, with it being set in France, it’s likely the same project Haneke mentioned.

As we await more details (perhaps Haneke will give Jessica Chastain a call as well?), go behind-the-scenes of their last collaboration with a making of video and extensive conversation.

Are you looking forward to Huppert and Haneke collaborating again?

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