50 years, 150-something films, and a stable of auteurs that beggars belief would suggest Isabelle Huppert has done it all––hence my surprise she’s not yet starred in a one-woman performance. Thus making all the more novel Michael Rozek’s Marianne, a new feature that finds the icon performing a metatextual, near-Brechtian monologue for 90 minutes. Though it’s not yet received U.S. distribution, Marianne will stream on Eventive from July 16 to July 23, featuring my hour-long interview with Rozek about the film, its history, and Huppert’s genius. Ahead of this we’re pleased to exclusively debut a trailer.

Says Michael Rozek, “Marianne is a true event. It’s not only Isabelle Huppert’s very first one-character project––a complete tour de force for one of the greatest actresses in the history of film––but also, in its breakthrough form, a zeitgeist movie, meant to exactly capture the moment we are all living in.”

Watch below:

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