About, oh, a day after arguing Dark Glasses would surely be 82-year-old Dario Argento’s final feature, the director showed why he is a legend and, cards on the table, I am not. (Maybe that incredible end-of-life performance in Vortex fooled me.) A talk at this year’s Sitges Film Festival revealed Argento will direct Isabelle Huppert in a new picture this spring—one he recently revealed will remake a 1940s Mexican thriller, despite its Parisian location. [Chaos Reign]

Surely you’re champing at the bit for word of just what that thriller is, but Argento—ever one to exploit the element of surprise—remains tight-lipped for now. Start digging here if you’re so inclined, but I think everyone’s annual October horror-thon does enough to suggest that hunger for Argento’s cinema is nearly impossible to satiate. (Same for Huppert, as a recent retro shows.) Whether it’s any good or so much as worth seeing: Dark Glasses suggests someone who hasn’t quite lost it, and bringing aboard a perpetually beloved actress surely helps his case. What else are we waiting on?

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