It was only a few months ago we got the trailer for Zhang Yimou’s forthcoming crime drama Under the Light and it looks like the director has been working at a breakneck speed to finish his next film, the period spy thriller Impasse, which recently resumed shooting and is now in post-production. Ahead of a 2021 release in China, the first trailer has now arrived.

Starring Zhang Yi, Zhang Hanyu, Qin Hailu, and Zhu Yawen, not a great deal is known yet about the wartime thriller, but it’s said to follow a group of spies who are investigating inhumane experiments by Japan. With its wintry setting, it looks like Zhang Yimou has created another slick, intense experience that hopefully will come stateside sometime next year as well.

See the trailer (with English subtitles!) and a collection of posters below, with more at MAAC.

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