The Sundance hit Searching won’t be the only thriller taking place entirely on a computer screen this summer. Following its initial premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival earlier this year, Blumhouse Tilt and Universal has now released the first trailer for Unfriended: Dark Web. The film is a follow up to the 2014 shocker Unfriended, which found surprising praise for its clever delivery.

Dark Web tells the story of a group of friends participating in a laid-back game night on Skype; however, when Matias (Unsane’s Colin Woodell) reveals that he is using a stolen laptop that he found in a café, the laptop’s mysterious owner joins the group of friends. From here, the fatally twisted turn of events becomes inevitable. Alongside Colin Woodell, the cast includes Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Mindy Project), Chelsea Alden (13 Reasons Why, The Tale), and Betty Gabriel (who chilled us all with the “No, no, no, no!” moment in Get Out).

Stephen Susco, who scripted 2004’s The Grudge, makes his directorial debut with Dark Web. Courtesy of Universal Pictures, Unfriended: Dark Web will hit theaters July 20th. Check out the trailer below, which first was quietly released, fittingly, on TOR via Reddit.

Unfolding in real-time UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB is the most terrifying horror yet from the producer of GET OUT, HAPPY DEATH DAY and THE PURGE, and the makers of UNFRIENDED. When a 20-something finds a cache of hidden files on his new laptop, he and his friends are unwittingly thrust into the depths of the dark web. They soon discover someone has been watching their every move and will go to unimaginable lengths to protect the dark web.


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