With a runtime of 2 hours and 49 minutes, Christopher Nolan is on the verge of releasing his longest feature yet with Interstellar. “It’s not straight action and it’s not straight thriller I do liken it to the blockbusters I grew up with as a kid. A lot of them by Spielberg,” he tells Empire (via The Playlist). “I don’t like talking about Spielberg too much because he was the director on the project before me and I don’t want to keep coming back to that, but the truth is, there’s a great spirit to films like Close Encounters [of The Third Kind] and Jaws that I really wanted to try and capture, because I haven’t seen it in a very long time.”

The helmer also opened up about another helmer influenced by the director, saying. “I mean, J.J. [Abrams] paid great homage to it in Super 8, but it was a very literal homage. We’re trying to do: ‘What would that kind of film be now? Not in that period, as J.J. did, but now. It’s been a really interesting challenge. When you say you’re making a family film, it has all these pejorative connotations that it’ll be somehow soft. But when I was a kid, these were family films in the best sense, and they were as edgy and incisive and challenging as anything else on the blockbuster spectrum. I wanted to bring that back in some way.

“You can’t pretend 2001 doesn’t exist when you’re making Interstellar, Nolan adds. “But the other film I’d have to point to is The Right Stuff. I screened a print of it for the crew before we started, because that’s a film that not enough people have seen on the big screen. It’s an almost perfectly made film. It’s one of the great American movies and people don’t quite realize how great it is — probably because it’s four hours long!” We’ll soon get a chance to see if his sci-fi adventure lives up to any of the classics he is invoking, but first we have another preview.

Paramount have released the final trailer, which will be attached to the recommended Gone Girl this week, but that’s not all. Following some murmurs, it looks like they’re repeating what they did for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. As indicated at the end of the new trailer, Paramount will be releasing the film in select theaters in (70mm and 35mm only) three days early, starting with screenings at 8PM on November 4th. Make sure to check your local listings to see if it’s coming early to your area. One can also see the last trailer below, along with the onslaught of posters if you’ve missed them the last week.

Update: Here’s a guide on the six different ways to see the film. See more information, including where to see the film, here.








Interstellar arrives on November 7th and three days earlier in select IMAX theaters.

Is it opening early in your area? What do you think of the final trailer?

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