Delivering one of the finest performances of last year, newcomer or otherwise, Blue is the Warmest Color‘s Adèle Exarchopoulos quickly shot up on the list of emerging actresses that we’d follow from project to project. While the actress has set her introductory English-language production with Sean Penn‘s The Last Face, today brings the first look at her latest project out of France and we’re proud to unveil the debut poster.

Directed by Marianne Tardieu, Insecure follows Chérif (Reda Kateb, seen in Zero Dark Thirty and A Prophet) who is struggling to pass the entrance exam for nursing school and takes on a side job as a security guard. On duty there, he faces off with a group of hostile teenagers who constantly harass him, and gradually ends up an accomplice to a robbery gone wrong, all while forming a relationship with Exarchopoulos’ character. Check out the exclusive poster below, as well as the trailer, complete with English subtitles, and synopsis.

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Chérif, in his thirties and having moved back in with his parents, is trying to pass the nursing exam. In the meantime, he works a job as a security guard to get by.
He manages to pass the written section of the exam and meets a woman he likes, Jenny….
But the kids from the hood who hang out at the mall where he works are starting to get to him. To finally get them off his back, he agrees to tip off a friend about an upcoming delivery.
But in the course of that night, Chérif’s life goes off the rails…

Insecure will premiere at Cannes in the ACID sidebar and is seeking U.S. distribution.

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