Update: Summit Entertainment has confirmed that director David Slade is now officially signed on to direct Eclipse.

Nikki Finke is reporting that director David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night) is in talks to helm the third film, Eclipse, in The Twilight Saga. Such directors as Juan Antonio Bayone (The Orphanage), Paul Weitz (About a Boy), and even actress Drew Barrymore was rumored to possibly be up for the job of directing of Eclipse.

I generally avoid everything Twilight, because its Twilight, but this story is just to weird to not write about. David Slade is a good director. His directorial debut Hard Candy felt like a modern day Hitchcock thriller, that film still creeps me out. His follow up 30 Days of Night was certainly disappointing, but it still showed promise for his visual style. I hope that there is no truth to this rumor, because I would rather see someone of Slade’s talent doing something better.

What do you think of David Slade?

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