It’s been eight years since the last film from Italian master Dario Argento, but we recently got the news he would finally be returning with a new feature titled Occhiali Neri (aka Black Glasses). The project would reunite him with his daughter Asia Argento, who would lead the film, following up their last collaboration Dracula 3D. We now have a few more details on the film, including a mightily enticing tidbit regarding the soundtrack.

“It will be my return to crime films,” the director tells the Italian outlet Repubblica. “It’s the adventure, in the nocturnal Rome, of a Chinese girl and child. In the second part, the escape takes them into the rocky, bushy countryside of Lazio. [It’s] different from the sweetness of the Tuscan valleys, but for me beautiful.”

In major news, he then revealed the involvement of Daft Punk, who will score the film. “They are my admirers, they know all my cinema,” Argento says. “They heard from French friends that I was shooting a new film and called me [to say], ‘We want to work with you.'” He adds they will be sending him the first tracks soon and make a visit to Rome when it’s possible to travel, while also noting the duo think his script is one of his “most interesting.”

From Goblin to Ennio Morricone, Argento’s films are known for their impressive soundtracks so this is quite a collaboration to look forward to. The last soundtrack by Daft Punk, made up of members Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, was Tron: Legacy an entire decade ago (listen below) and their last album was 2013’s Random Access Memories.

Production on Black Glasses was set to begin in May with cinematographer Luciano Tovoli, but Argento is now hoping a September start date is possible.

Also, check out an interview with Argento from FrightFest 2019 last summer.

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