There are many film projects seeking funds via crowdfunding platforms these days, which offers the unique opportunity for an audience to interact and connect with a film, sometimes before the first shot is captured. This bi-weekly column will highlight projects that demonstrate potential, and deserve a closer look (and possibly a donation).

The League of Afghanistan

The Gist: An American named Jess Markt, as he attempts to establish a wheelchair basketball league in Afghanistan.

Why It Should Be Kickstarted: While there have been a number of documentaries in recent years that have chronicled the war in Afghanistan by focusing on the conflict, this documentary feature takes a different approach. Following Markt, the film chronicles a group how have been disabled due to conflict-related events, connected through Markt’s effort to establish a wheelchair basketball league. It’s an inspiring story of humanity and hope, while also providing an intriguing insight to an otherwise unrepresented community.

Most Interesting Reward: An assortment of smaller prizes, and access to exclusive footage of Afghan players training with Markt. ($120)

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We Grew Up Here

The Gist: When a former girlfriend and the hometown he left behind both disappear, a guy goes looking for what he lost.

Why It Should Be Kickstarted: It’s an intriguing thought, that what if the things we ran away from in our lives disappeared. It’s an interesting play on the idea that there are nostalgic elements in everyone’s past, and the comfort we take in knowing they can be returned to, and the disarming sensation that is caused when we are suddenly robbed of that ability. In terms of casting, the two leads will be played by an existing musical duo, known as Paper Thick Walls.

Most Interesting Reward: A postcard from the small (possibly missing) town of Tanglewood, Kansas. ($10)

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All That Remains

The Gist: Following their father’s dying wish, two brothers return to a country they had once fled, to spread his ashes.

Why It Should Be Kickstarted: It’s a powerful, painful story, drawn from personal experience. When filmmaker Marko Slavnic was a child, he and his family came to America from Bosnia on what they thought would be a short visit. A few months after their arrival, war broke out, and not only was the family unable to return home, they witnessed the destruction of their country on the news. In All That Remains, the two brothers return home to the country they fled so many years before, and are faced with coming to terms with the pain that still resides.

Most Interesting Reward: A producer credit and invitation to an editing session with the director and editor during post-productions, as well as an assortment of smaller prizes. ($2500)

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Farah Goes Bang

The Gist: A young woman tries to lose her virginity, while campaigning for presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004.

Why It Should Be Kickstarted: It’s a curious choice of setting, but also a fun twist on the typical coming of age story of sexual awareness. It’s also refreshing that a story dealing with female sexuality would have driven, intellectual characters. Also, it was just announced that Farah would be played by Nikohl Boosheri, from the 2011 Sundance Audience Award winning film Circumstance.

Most Interesting Reward: A custom-designed flask with a roadmap of the characters’ Route 66 campaign trail on it. ($49)

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The Gist: When a deadly plague linked to a mysterious dust causes devastation in the world’s oldest city, and Tracker goes in search of the cause.

Why It Should Be Kickstarted: When strong technical filmmaking is combined with creative storytelling, the result can be stunning, as is the case with this fantastical feature. Not only does the et-up build in suspense, but it also begins to establish the world within the story. The photography and graphic effects on this film are incredible, and really bring the story to life.

Most Interesting Reward: A concept portrait of yourself as a Merchant or Tracker from the film, and to be featured in the Dust Art-Book, along with other smaller prizes ($2500)

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Which of these crowdfunding projects would you be most interested in seeing?

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