Ridley Scott‘s upcoming interpretation of Robin Hood is enjoying positive reviews before Cannes where it will serve as the opening night film. The famous outlaw, now played by Russell Crowe, has been given the update treatment and the film will serve as somewhat of a prequel to the established Robin Hood lore. Cate Blanchett is also on board as Maid Marion who appears to have been amped up for this take on the traditional story.

Despite being a big fan of the iconic director, I must admit that Scott’s filmography is mostly hit or miss. I have some major reservations about this film based on the trailer but I am intrigued to find out where this will fall on the continuum. He is clearly playing up the Gladiator comparisons but the story itself seems quite dull for Scott standards.

The film opens nationwide this Friday.

Are you interested in an updated take on the Robin Hood story? Do you think it will manage to be a box office hit or will Iron Man 2 hold onto the #1 spot?

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