Who would’ve ever expected viral marketing for a Spike Lee joint? The team at FilmDistrict have subverted expectations, however, launching a Tumblr page that, while selling Oldboy, is also a winking set of “advertisements” for the hotel in which our protagonist finds himself trapped for twenty years. The page contains plenty of amusing items, though the highlight is a brief, nasty video featuring Josh Brolin, Samuel L. Jackson, some tainted food, and a bloody set of sheets.

While this clip doesn’t strongly differentiate the project from Park Chan-wook‘s original film — the retention of dumplings is a surprise; I figured the American-ized foot item would be, say, buffalo wings — it nevertheless feels different; there’s a smoother sense of style in compositions and editing, the impact of which is complimented by a less-ostentatious grittiness to the surfaces and textures. (And Jackson‘s imposing tones, coupled with that out-of-left-field haircut? It certainly works.) Here’s hoping that slickness carries over to a full, final incarnation, which is already one of our most-anticipated titles of the fall.

Have a look for yourself:

Here, too, is a banner for the picture and poster:

Also starring Elizabeth Olsen, Michael Imperioli, Rami Malek, Lance Reddick, Max Casella, and James Ransone, Oldboy will open on November 27.

Does this bit of viral marketing sell you further on Lee’s interpretation?

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