The influence of Steven Spielberg is felt on virtually every blockbuster in today’s age, but today brings a new video essay which explores one specific director who owes a great deal to the king of spectacle. He named Jaws one of his favorite films of all time and even worked on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom during his early days at ILM, so it’s no surprise David Fincher admires the work of Spielberg, but it might be the first reference one brings up when talking about his filmography.

Known for his darker thrillers that seem worlds away from the generally family-friendly work of Spielberg, the two might not share many connections in terms of themes, but Michael Bryant argues that their technical approach is similar in a new video essays. In the brief video, he explores how Fincher uses faces, tracking shots, and shadows to convey story beats and emotions. So, as we wait to see if Fincher’s new HBO show Videosynchrazy moves forward after production has been halted, check out the video essay below.

Do you agree with the connection? Is there another director Fincher owes more to?

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