Since She’s Funny That Way, his first film in a number of years, is finally hitting U.S. theaters this month, now, like always, is a good time to brush up a bit on your Peter Bogdanovich. Better yet, you can have Wes Anderson guide you along. Here, the latter sits down with his personal hero — as evidenced by this Bogdanovich interview, where he says, “Both Wes and Noah [Baumbach], I call them Son-Wes and Son-Noah, and they call me Pop” — to discuss the former’s once-maligned, now-beloved They All Laughed, deemed “my personal favorite among my pictures.”

This, said right at the outset, is just one of many things revealed over an approximately 25-minute discussion, and not even the most interesting one at that. Such is the result when Bogdanovich is given ample room to speak, undoubtedly as a result of Anderson’s reverence, though both open up about the how and why of their creative process in a casual, gentle way. To observe this really feels like sitting in on a pair of friends having a nice chat — no ambivalence, no bullshit, and no limits.

Watch the full conversation below, buy a copy of Bogdanovich’s film here, and read our review of his latest here.

She’s Funny That Way hits theaters on Friday, August 21st.

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